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The System Forgets Scientists Are Only Human: Laboratory Installation
Hunter O'Reilly and Electric Eye Neon, 2001-2002
The laboratory bench installation includes actual products of scientific experiments such as DNA visualized with UV light, preserved laboratory animals, x-rays and vials used to store radioactivity. This work reveals and explores the strange surroundings of a scientist, and may begin to explain what causes at least some scientists to lose their moral grounding with respect to the science they pursue. This work also discloses how subjectivity and politics influence scientific investigations.

Radiation Storage Vials

DNA Visualized with UV Light

Bench Top

Chemical Bottles

Top Shelves and Laboratory Bench Top

Preserved Animals

ART = Aerosol Resistant Tips

Many supplies for the laboratory installation were generously donated by
Dr. Phil Kneisel at Fisher Scientific.

Dr. Brian P. Walsh, President of Fotodyne, generously loaned a
UV transilluminator and electrophoresis equipment for the laboratory installation.

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