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Self Portrait
digital print, neon and plexiglass
Hunter O'Reilly, Ph.D. and Electric Eye Neon

Photo Credit: Brian Bednarek

Many people hide their true selves behind a mask. In the genetic self portrait Blue, Dr. O'Reilly takes off her mask to reveal her metamorphosis as an individual represented by the background image of cells from a developing butterfly wing. If we take off our masks, we find our humanity gives us a lot in common. Surprising to many, the DNA of any two humans is 99.9% identical.

The digital artwork, design and concept of "Blue" are by Dr. Hunter O'Reilly. The photo of Dr. Hunter O'Reilly is taken by Marj Inman, a part of Electric Eye Neon. Dr. O'Reilly collaborated with Electric Eye Neon to construct the artwork. The background in Blue is the microscopic image of a developing wing of a butterfly generously provided by Biotechniques: The Journal of Laboratory Technology for Bioresearch, Eaton Publishing and Dr. Stephen W. Paddock at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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