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Hunter O'Reilly's Links to

Aaltonen, Aleksi - born in Harjavalta, Finland in 1974; This website includes pictures of several paintings and some sculptures Aaltonen has made since 1985.

Link to Aleksi Aaltonen's website.

Balkin, Andrew - creates purely abstract worlds. He is a well known artist and an master printer that works with well known artists from around the world.

Link to Andrew Balkin's website.

Flasch, Michael - an artful studio photographer for over twenty years; He has taken nude photography to new horizons. He is well known for photographing nudes with projected geometric patterns.

Link to Michael Flasch's website.

George Curlington - view his colorful abstract pastel drawings that inspire the imagination. Quote George Curlington, "An official in the college told me that I existed in the gap. I wasn't part of sanity nor was I part of insanity. I was a denizen of the area between the two."

Link to George Curlington's website.

Jaqua, Joe - highly skilled realistic painter who paints exotic women and scenery; His artwork is included in many prestigious corporate collections. The website is filled with prints and original artwork available for purchase.

Link to the website of Jaqua Art.

Johnson, Graham F. - born in Elgin, Scotland in 1960. Since 1988 he has lived in Derbyshire, England. View oil paintings of beautiful England.

Link to Graham Frank Johnson's website.

Keegan, Bob - Alpine Garden Art. Keegan's medium is sculpture. Haunting faces hewn from lava make a statement for the discriminating individual.

Lee, Eva - Her drawings evolve into a kind of conceptual life form that can be cellular or cosmic, depending on the imagined scale.

Link to Eva Lee's website.

McCrea, Derek - watercolor paintings

Link to Derek McCrea's website.

Paschke, Ed - The only authorized website showing the work of this internationally known artist. You will also find a biography, media coverage and information on upcoming shows of this famous artist.

Link to Ed Paschke's website.

Pozzi, Giovanni - born in Italy in 1970, interested in anything that moves and breathes; People, creatures, skeletons and internal organs come to life in Pozzi's paintings. Don't be afraid!

Pygoya - abstract digital art and music; limited edition prints available for purchase; Pygoya's look is brilliant, fluid spectral color flowing through abstract inner (and outer) spaces. Dream-like and subtle figures appear and disappear. A soft crepescular light infuses these inner landscapes with mystery and imagination. They are self-luminous, self-transforming and ever changing. Old meets new. East meets West. Molecules meet electrons. The past meets the future as Art meets Life! - Larry Lovett, M.S.Ed, Columbia University, NY discussing Pygoya; solo computer art exhibition at The Smithsonian Institute.

Link to Pygoya's website.

Rae, Nan - an internationally exhibited watercolorist, is a Chinese Brush painter with Impressionist influence. Her site features prints and greeting cards from the artist.

Link to Nan Rae's website.

Rutledge, Terry - This is truly beautiful artwork by a genius artist using a surrealistic style living in Bandon, Oregon. A must see.

Link to Terry Rutledge's website.

Bryan Smith - abstract and surreal digital art; updated weekly.

Link to Bryan Smith's website.

Sykes, Donald - Mr. Sykes is a self-taught artist who works primarly in watercolors and mixed media.

Link to Donald Sykes' website.

Ventura, Salvatore - This unusual site catalogues the extraordinary architectural watercolors by artist Salvatore Ventura. The site provides the most comprehensive resources available on the artist and his work, including information to assist in the study, placement and acquisition of the artwork.

White, Stephanie - handcrafted beaded jewerly available for purchase

Link to Stephanie White's website.


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